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 Tiny Teethers

Hazelwood Necklaces for the whole family



Thanks for your interest in TinyTeethers Hazelwood Products.  Hazelwood necklaces have many natural properties that will help children and adults alike overcome several ailments in a natural way. The products are organic, the Hazelwood is grown in Canada, they are an all-Canadian product and yes, they work!

While on travel with my daughter a few years ago, she started experiencing teething pains, making her restless and irritable. Following the advice of another mother, I got her a hazelwood necklace and litterally saw the changes within hours. Upon returning home other mothers asked how my daughter was coping with her teething problems. When I told them what I had discovered, they were understandably somewhat skeptical but asked me to get them one to try.   The simple little hazelwood necklace did the trick and word of mouth created so much interest that I decided to create Tiny Teethers, and introduce Western Canadian and North American parents to Hazelwood necklaces and Pure Hazelwood products.

Native Americans used small hazel twigs to relieve several symptoms such as dental pain, intestinal disorders and more. In the literature, these symptoms are linked to inflammatory disorders. The First Nations even crafted necklace to relieve teething pain in infants. Pure Hazelwood products are inspired by that tradition.




These products are

100% natural and organic,

Attractive and

Handmade in Canada.